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The Power of Mushrooms

Our hand-selected specialty mushroom blend is found in the Pacific Northwest, a perfect climate where mushrooms thrive naturally in forests and caves. All Groh® Boost Formulas, Restorative Shampoos, Replenishing Conditioners, Scalp Serums and Styling Treatments are manufactured right here in the United States. 

We analyze and select mushrooms that have the highest levels of Ergothioneine, Selenomethioneine, Selenium, Polyphenols, Beta-glucans, as well as Glutathione.

Every person is different in their personal nutritional needs. However, most of our customers see increased energy levels within the first 7-14 days, increased nail strength and growth is reported after 14 days, and new and improved hair growth and strength is observed from week 3 to 6.

The key objective of Groh® 's extraordinary formula is to nourish cells within the body, especially stem cells that divide and form new cells, as well as boost the body’s immune defense system. To be effective, a nutritional approach must start within the body and is integral to the maintenance, as well as development, of healthy skin, scalp, hair, nails, and lashes.