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Brows, Lashes & Skin

How Groh® Improves Naturally Fuller Brows & Lashes

Healthy hair follicles are needed for normal-appearing eyelashes and eyebrows. ErgoD2® is the answer to correct nutritional deficiencies that have developed over time within these hair follicles.

How Groh® Helps Your Nails

Building beauty from the inside out, ErgoD2® supplies nutrients to the cells that produce the tough protective protein which make up a nail, called alpha-keratin. The live portion of a nail is called the matrix, which produces cells that become the nail plate that one sees. Proper nutrition is needed to encourage nail growth and strength.

Groh®, powered by ErgoD2®, decreases inflammation in the nail bed caused by oxidative stress. The ErgoD2® feeds the stem cells that are needed to divide and differentiate into the components that make up normal-appearing nails.

An important sublayer of skin called the Stratum Spinosum creates the structural skeleton for skin and provides strength, elasticity, and flexibility to the outer layer of skin, making it a key component of the external physical appearance of a person’s skin.

How Does GROH® Help Make Skin More Vibrant & Youthful? 

The Ergo transporter protein is highly expressed in this layer, and Groh® beauty products, powered by ErgoD2®, actively and directly nourishes this important skin layer.

Within 3 to 4 weeks following Groh® treatment, users start seeing immediate improvement in their skin texture and turgor. The treatment helps to create a natural smoothing of facial wrinkles while refining the surfaces of the skin.