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So Long Thin Hair.

New hair growth in as little as 3-6 weeks.

The secret to growing hair is an active follicle. Simple.

Groh® is the only hair supplementation formula for both men and women that gets to the root of the hair loss problem - awakening dormant hair follicles. In many cases dormant follicles create the illusion of permanent hair loss; when in reality, they just need the correct nutrients to spur new hair growth. 

The #1 salon recommended solution for new hair growth.

Groh® is powered by Ergothioneine, an incredibly powerful antioxidant found in select mushrooms discovered in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Your body uses naturally occurring Ergothioneine to do one thing only - grow hair, skin and nails.

What Groh® Customers Are Saying

With my hair growing, I feel so much better about myself. It's not just an outer thing, it's inner beauty too. 

It's important for me to have healthy, shiny hair. And with Groh, that's what I have now. 

It was a drag going outside or to the beach and basically seeing thinning hair. But now both my forehead area and brows have filled in with Groh.